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Taking a little time away...

Sometimes things happen in life that take you out of your comfort zone. Things happen to make you think and these things go way beyond the game of volleyball. I won’t go into exactly what I’m going through because that’s beside the point. I will tell you that due to the lack of posting, interaction and response, I’ve lost followers and even some clients have stopped reaching out. I had a message from someone telling me they couldn’t believe I didn’t respond to them in a timely manner and wow! I admit it; I have been M.I.A. This account is focused on volleyball - and just want to make sure y’all know there’s not a robot operating this page! I am a person just like you all. If I’m not training, I’m not filming content. I want to post things for y’all as they happen. I don’t want to dig up old footage and put it out there as if it’s in real time. So yes, while I have trained a few people here and there, the last month has been about dealing with family things. Not asking for pity but asking for a little grace. Life happens and volleyball will always be there. So for all of you who have stuck around during this slow time, thank you! Sometimes the hardest things snap us back into reality and we can see that the things we once worried about are insignificant compared to the real problems in the world. So for those of you who are caught up worrying about the small things, try to let them go. Love your life. Tell people you love them. Take allll the pictures. Talk to strangers. Do things you’re afraid to do. Love this life. #SetterU

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