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Since its establishment in 2015 by Jesi Grisham-Perez, SetterU's mission has been to spark the passion of volleyball athletes, starting in Central Texas.  With a specific emphasis on mastering the art of setting, we've mentored numerous setters, earning a reputation that extends well beyond Austin, TX. Our dedication as a premier resource for setters to chase dreams and harness their potential is widely recognized.


Our philosophy is the belief that laying the right foundation is pivotal from day one. We're firm advocates for nipping bad habits early, doing repetitions properly, and being self motivated to maintain a great touch. We believe that greatness dwells in the finer points, and our coaches are committed to imparting techniques endorsed by top coaches and athletes worldwide.

SetterU is an exclusive community and we believe our influence goes beyond the volleyball court.  We're committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals. As we amplify your on-court skills, we concurrently nurture emotional intelligence, leadership qualities, communication skills extending to teammates and coaches, underpinned by character, integrity, and accountability. We're shaping not only exceptional setters but also inspiring, empathetic leaders.  Our experienced coaches, with over 80 years combined, are driven by an enduring passion for volleyball. Unified by consistent training philosophies, we stand firm in the belief that honing the basics is the bedrock of success, regardless of one's desired level of achievement.  

Our vision reaches beyond individual players. SetterU envisions a broader system.  We anticipate a future where clubs and colleges recognize the value of SetterU training, investing in this specialized coaching. We aspire to elevate the setting standard across the volleyball landscape. For parents, SetterU represents a pathway to unlocking their child's potential. They entrust us with their children's growth, understanding the unique journey we facilitate. 

We recognize setters' pivotal role—consistency, trustworthiness, dependability, and leadership are inherent traits and as the vital link between coaches and players, our setters radiate excellence both on and off the court.  




From Wimberley, TX, Jesi grew up with the game and brings 21 years of playing and coaching experience.  She played for her Father, TGCA Hall of Fame Coach, Lee Grisham at Wimberley High School where they won three State Championships.  Jesi received 3 State Tournament MVP awards, and was named a High School All-American by PrepVolleyball.  As a sophomore, she was offered a full scholarship to Texas State University.  Jesi played 2 seasons for the Bobcats and still currently holds the second best record for assists in a match with 82 assists.  Jesi started her coaching career at St. Michael’s Academy in 2007 and spent 4 seasons with the Crusaders. She coached club volleyball for 10 seasons spending all but one season at Austin Performance and was named AP Coach of the Year in 2011.  During that time, Jesi was a part of 4 teams who qualified for GJNC as she coached 15’s - 18’s at all levels. She started SetterU in 2015 and continues to train setters all around the country.

Jesi has directly and regularly trained multiple setters who played NCAA Volleyball at the following schools:  Rice, LSU, Auburn, Tulsa, South Florida, Louisiana, Oregon State, North Florida, ORU, Lipscomb, UNLV, GCU, Dallas Baptist, North Texas, Abilene Christian, and others. 

Jesi resides in North Austin with her husband of 10 years and their 13 year old Westie, Cali.

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