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Savannah Skopal

Savannah Skopal

AJV 18 Adidas

Rice University commit


SetterU and Jesi have constantly provided feedback so that I can grow as a player and get better every time I walk into the gym. Given this feedback I like to implement it in practices and games. Jesi often says that we have to become our best setting coaches when we aren’t training exactly with SetterU. Learning what’s right and what’s wrong and being able to correct and coach myself have helped me become a better player . Different things define different setters and SetterU has helped me identify what my strengths are and help me find my identity as a setter while helping me grow as a human. SetterU makes impacts in my life on and off the court, they make sure to help me as a player but also remind me that volleyball isn’t the only thing that defines me and that the sport is much bigger than just volleyball. Each time training with Jesi is a blessing as I learn something new that challenges me to be better every time. What you put into every training is what you will get out of it, being coachable is the best way to get the most out of every opportunity in the gym. Jesi and SetterU are a huge part of my volleyball, setting, and life journey and I will be forever grateful for everything they have done on and off the court.


Takyla Brown

AJV 17 Adidas

LSU Commit

Jesi and Setteru have been such a blessing to me with growing my game and me as a person. I am so blessed to be able to work with Jesi she has continued to help and inspire me throughout the years. She’s has helped my abilities and giving me more confidence in things I never thought I could do. She continues to challenge and encourage me every session! She is one of my biggest supporters not only as an athlete but as a person. I will forever be grateful for Jesi and setteru and so so glad that we met all those years ago.

Livia Niu

Livia Niu

University of South Florida 

“Coach Jesi has completely changed my hands and has helped me see the court and overall game differently. If anyone is needing to raise their game to the next level, the SetterU staff and community is second to none. I will forever be grateful for Coach Jesi and the influence she’s been on me personally.” 

Madisyn Jones

Madisyn Jones

Dallas Baptist University

"I've been working with SetterU since I was 13, and through working with them, some key takeaways I’ve learned are the importance of consistency and focusing on technique, and implementing it into both practice and games. SetterU is easily the best program I’ve ever worked with, not only because of the knowledge of the coaches but also the level of investment that they pour into their athletes. Jesi is the most dedicated trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She continuously puts her players before herself whether that be by reviewing videos or watching a game. To Jesi and SetterU, you are more than a client, you become a part of a volleyball community that shares the same passion for the game. Throughout the years, I’ve grown so close to Jesi that I consider her family because through our highs and lows she has always believed in me and pushed me to not only be a better athlete physically but also mentally. She taught me the true meaning of being coachable and intentional with what skill you are focusing on and how to accomplish it. Without SetterU, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and for that, I will always be grateful for meeting Jesi and becoming a part of the SetterU family."


Over the last few years my daughter has worked with Jesi and SetterU and I’m so grateful to her for all the work they put in. The detail, the technique and feedback to constantly improve are reasons why she is where she is. I appreciate how she keeps my daughter accountable and challenges her every time. Thank you Jesi and SetterU for what you do!

- Erica Maldonado

Daughter is LSU Commit

SETTERU ALUMNI (2014-2023)

"My daughter has been working with Coach Jesi for two years and she has made a huge impact on my daughter’s skills and understanding of the game. From the very first practice, my daughter felt she knew exactly what she needed to fix and Coach Jesi showed her how to fix it. Every single lab or private lesson is worth the time and money we spend. Coach Jesi and the rest of the coaches at setterU are all very knowledgeable about the game, and they are very good at explaining themselves and their players leave better than when they first come in. As a parent, I love that Coach Jesi stays in constant communication with me about my daughter’s progress and is available to her players — she truly cares about them and puts all her effort into their success. We are very fortunate to work with SetterU."

- Anonymous

"Our daughter has been working with Jesi and SetterU for 5 years.  Jesi has helped her develop into the player she is today.  Jesi has not only helped her with the technical aspects of the game but also helped improve her volleyball IQ and mental toughness.  Jesi teaches the kids to be intentional and encourages them to step outside their comfort zone so that they can grow as players.  Jesi truly invests in the athletes she trains and cares about their development.  We have seen tremendous growth in our daughter over the years and know Jesi was a large part of that growth."

- Anonymous 

"We met Jesi many years ago, we knew immediately Jesi, SetterU was different.  SetterU has a skill and technique refinement that I have not seen anywhere else. She takes the time to rep and perfect her craft.  She cannot do this alone as a coach.  Jesi’s implementation of drills, accountability, and knowledge are what help young eager athletes grow.  Jesi has taught my daughters from a very young age how to self assess, Jesi cannot be at every practice or every game, they have to learn to rep correctly and she teaches them to do that.  With the use of videos, communication, lessons, FaceTime, film review, at home drills, and many other avenues Jesi stops at nothing to increase the level of knowledge and skills of a kiddo who wants to work and learn.  I have watched her not only help my daughters grow as athletes but as young women as well.  Jesi is committed to the kids she trains on and off the court, we are grateful to have her in our life."


- Jenni Skopal 

2 daughters with SetterU

UNT and Rice University

"I first met Jesi in the Spring of 2018 after inquiring from another parent about who was training her daughter since she was very highly skilled. I reached out to her Setter U Instagram and had a conversation about setting up some training sessions with my daughter, who was a 7th grader at the time and was on a very distinguished top team in Austin as a setter. She had done some basic setter training but had not had anything like what Jesi taught her starting the very first lesson she had with her.  From this point, my daughter was doing group sessions and private sessions and the big difference between what Jesi and the other coaches at Setter U do that other training from any other group I have seen is the instant feedback. Not only does Jesi correct them on their hand positions, or their feet, or anything that might hinder how they set a ball to a hitter, but she will send them photos and videos showing the difference in how they are doing and what they look like after they have changed the technique to what it should look like. That is amazing as a tool for helping kids really see themselves to help them correct errors. But also, the positive feedback, when they do make the changes, inspires the athletes to continue to work to become better.  My daughter went from a young setter with very little technical training to a Varsity freshman starter within a one-year time frame.  This is all based on what she learned about the setting position from Jesi, and I attribute all of the success Ryleigh has reached to being trained by Jesi. She learns new strategies and how to be a better overall player every time she trains with Setter U.The entire staff at Setter U are great teachers. They don't just do mass training with 50 0r 60 kids at a time and never give really specific feedback. They will usually have no more than 8 players per coach to work on skills, strategies, and conditioning that are specific to the setter position.  I would recommend training with Setter U to learn things about the game that you would not learn anywhere else.   


Thank you Jesi for teaching and caring so much about the players you have made such a huge impact on.


"We were lucky enough to find Jesi and SetterU when my daughter was 12 years old. At the time my daughter had frequently been told she had great hands but she basically had no idea how to actually BE a setter. Enter Jesi. Jesi is hands down the most technically savvy setting coach I have ever met and as a result of our time with her at SetterU, our daughter has thrived as a setter. Jesi pours into each of her kids with such passion and respect for the sport of volleyball and the setting position. She is specific in her feedback and breaks down each skill with unmatched knowledge and purpose. As a former D1 athlete I understand that youth sports have evolved over time and volleyball is no exception. You need to put in extra work and understand every facet of the setting position and translate it to the court. There is no better place to learn this than at SetterU and with Jesi and her team. Whether it is one on one technical training with Jesi or skill training surrounded by the best setters in the city during SetterU camps and clinics, you will grow and develop into the best setter you can and want to be with their help. We cannot recommend them enough!"

- Anonymous

SetterU has been a god send for our daughter. Last club season she was thrown into setting with no experience and a lot to learn. We brought our daughter to the Holiday hands camp because we had heard SetterU was the best in town. Immediately after, Jesi came up to me, introduced herself, and pointed out our daughter’s potential. We continued with her throughout the season and saw tremendous growth. With the foundation of SetterU and continuous support from Jesi, our daughter was able to switch clubs and make a National Team in as a setter in just 7 months. Jesi is truly invested into the success of her athletes. She has spent several hours watching film, coaching through texts, and helping our daughter with feedback even when she is practicing at home. Jesi’s reach goes beyond setting; she invests into the whole athlete. She teachers her athletes how to be good teammates, advocates, and also how to show appreciation for those who’ve helped them get to tournaments, lessons, and camps.  Simply said, Jesi and setterU is the real deal. We are beyond thankful for her professional, expertise, and commitment she’s sewn into our daughter.​​

- Anonymous 


Avery Kalsu
University of Tulsa

"I have been training with Jesi since I was 11 years old. I owe every bit of my successes and ability to play the game to her. She is the most knowledgable coach I have ever worked with and I am so lucky to have the ability to train with her. Since I was 11, Jesi and I have worked weekly and communicated almost daily. She is always willing to drop anything and help me with my skills. Not only is Jesi knowledgable, but she is extremely passionate. Her want and desire to help is something I have never experienced with another coach. She will work with me tirelessly on a skill and repeat it until she knows it is where it is supposed to be. I am so lucky and fortunate to have met Jesi when I did, I don’t know where I would be without her constant feedback and competitive desire for me to improve."

Kaliegh Skopal

Kaliegh Berard (formerly Skopal)

University of North Texas Alumni

"I started working with Jesi when I was about 15 and let me tell you, she works miracles.  She puts every bit of knowledge that she has into each lesson.  Jesi will push you to your potential and will not let you fall short of it.  Many times she has taking time to watch film for me and point out good balls and ones that need improvement, but tells you how to do it.  Jesi is dedicated and that's the best way to put it. She does so much beyond just working with me every other week.  Ultimately, Jesi works hard to make each player she works with the best they can be.  She is a coach you will respect and want to perform your best for.  Jesi had made me much better in the past years and helped me reach my goal of playing D1 Collegiate Volleyball."

Sophie Bethke

Sophie Bethke 
University of Arkansas
Tulsa University Alumni

“I started working with Jesi when I was fourteen and knew nothing about the proper technique of setting, but I played D1 Volleyball thanks to her.  I wasn't the fastest volleyball player but I had good technique, good vision and could run the court due to the hundreds of hours spent in the gym training one on one with Jesi.  She helped me accomplish my dream of playing Division I Collegiate Volleyball.”

Jordan Carswell

Jordan Carswell
Colorado Christian
University Alumni

“Jesi coached me at 18's and she not only taught me how to be a better setter, but gave me the insight on how to be an all-around consistent player, mentally and physically. Her training helped me tremendously when it came to what my hands were doing because I was constantly receiving feedback from her. She helped me recognize when to set a certain player with the pass or dig produced and helped me take advantage of the right tempos needed in each set to make my hitter succeed. She's one of the most positive coaches I have ever worked with and she always made me want to improve my hands. She constantly pushed me to be a better setter and I still use every technique she taught me while playing at the collegiate level!”

Ava Bell

Ava Bell
University of North Carolina
University of Tennessee

"I first met Jesi when I was 14, playing up for the 3rd 17s team that she was coaching at the time. I was a nervous little freshman who had no real club volleyball experience, and she built me into the player I am today. She worked with me before and after every practice on fundamentals and basic mechanics in volleyball that I had no clue existed. She never got frustrated with me, she only pushed me to be my very best, and never let me settle for anything less. Sometimes there was some tough love involved; she will tell you straight up what you did wrong, but she will ALWAYS teach you again and again how to fix it. Jesi is amazing with details, she sees everything, even the things you would never think affect something, she tells you to correct it and just like that the next rep is much improved. She goes out of her way for the athletes who are willing to give all of their effort and commitment to getting better. Any athlete who has the opportunity to work with Jesi should take advantage of it because she is a miracle worker who is more dedicated to her players than any other coach I've worked with."

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