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What do you call your sets?

Here at SetterU, we adopted all of USAV's terminology for play calling. Feel free to print this and share with your team(s)!

*Fixed means the same point on the court *Floating means based on the position of the setter Left side sets: 4- High set to the pin; fixed Hut – In system higher set; fixed Go – In system lower, quick set to pin; 1st tempo; fixed Gap - 3 zone between right side and middle blocker; 2 tempo, fixed

Middle Sets: 3 – In the gap between the RS and MB blocker; 1 tempo; fixed Push – Between 3 and 1 – to the left of MB; floating 1 – On setter in front; Floating 2 – Between the gap and 1; 2nd tempo; fixed A – Back 1; Floating Slide – to the antenna, 1st tempo; fixed B – Back 2, between A and Slide (in the back gap); fixed

Right side sets: 5 – Higher, slower back set; fixed Red – lower, quick set to the pin; 2nd tempo; fixed A – Back 1 off setters hip; floating B – Back 2, between A and Slide (in the back gap); fixed Back row sets: 30 – In the backrow gap Pipe – middle of the court, higher set Bic – 2nd tempo, middle of the court D – to the right sideline

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