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Skopal makes major strides

Kaliegh Skopal, Rouse High School and AP 17 Eclectic Setter is one of the hardest workers I know. She is not satisfied with being a good setter; she desires to be GREAT. She constantly has her hands on the ball yet she has been struggling with a bad finish and multiple double contacts. Her and I have been working closely to make her hands bigger, softer and to make less noise when contacting. The results were not coming as fast as we would have liked so we decided to tape her hands up. I am not sure where I learned this taping technique, I may have made it up... Regardless, you can see her thumbs are taped together and that is attached to her wrists. This allows for consistent upbringing of the hands, reminds her to have big, ball shaped hands, and doesn't allow her to finish uneven. She set with hands taped two different days for about 30 minute each day. She said it was extremely awkward, but check out the finish after we remove the tape. She is much happier with the results and her coaches have made comments that she is setting the ball better in a short time!


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