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  • For Members only

  • Each lesson is tailored to your needs and goals

  • Payment is due at the end of your session

  • Each coach names their own prices and does their own scheduling.

  • All lessons will be held at The U in Cedar Park, TX.

  • Open and Member sessions available

  • Sessions are 6 players with 2 coaches

  • Designed for in depth direct coaching and feedback 

  • Work in pairs or 3's with coach, based on age/skill to maximize touches

  • Typically 90 minute sessions on Sunday

  • 12-24 players and 2-4 coaches

  • Work in small groups based on age/skill to maximize touches

  • Work in stations and rotate throughout all of the SetterU coaches

  • Typically during the summer or holiday breaks

  • A collaboration and offering to specific clubs

  • Sessions for specific club players only 

  • Could be ongoing throughout club season or 2-4 sessions during the year.

  • Past partnerships:  Texas Fury, RootsAustin Juniors, Austin Performance, Aledo Volleyball Club

Livia Niu, University of South Florida

“Coach Jesi has completely changed my hands and has helped me see the court and overall game differently. If anyone is needing to raise their game to the next level, the SetterU staff and community is second to none. I will forever be grateful for Coach Jesi and the influence she’s been on me personally.” 
Madisyn Jones Setting


I am new to SetterU.  What is the process? 

First you will attend our Intro to SetterU class.  These are on different days throughout the summer and are 60 minutes long.  This class is for up to 10 setters and will be offered once to twice a week. 

Next, you will attend an Open Session.  These are on Sundays and are 90 minutes long with 6 players and 2 coaches. 

What is Intro to SetterU class? 

Intro to SetterU is where we will introduce you to our style of setting and coaching.  We will present the fundamentals and techniques we believe are key to setter success while you learn the way we coach. 

What is an open session? 

Open sessions are open to all club players with volleyball experience and understanding of basic fundamentals. These are not for beginners.  Beginner = less than two years setting experience.  (We make exceptions).  Each player will receive individualized feedback with a semi-private feel.  Players will work in partners or groups of 3 on technical skills; hand shape and touch, location and tempo work, footwork patterns and body positioning.  


How do I become a member? 

You will be evaluated at open sessions. Memberships will be given at the discretion of SetterU coaches. 

How many open sessions do I have to attend before becoming a member?

You will attend open sessions until SetterU feels you are ready for membership.  We have strict requirements to create the best possible training atmosphere and set ourselves apart from other training experiences.  


What are the requirements for membership?

  1. Understand volleyball fundamentals and know the basics of setting 

  2. Have more than two years setting experience (on a team active in the role)

  3. Have a great attitude and work ethic 

  4. Must ask and answer questions and communicate with other players and coaches

  5. Coachable and willing to make changes 

  6. Willing to work on your own to fix technical issues 

What are the benefits of membership? 

You can do 1:1 lesson with Coach Jesi or Coach Jayson.  You receive discounted group sessions.  You are on our mailing list for our newsletter and first to know about new training opportunities.  


How do I sign up for 1/1 lessons? 

You must be a member to sign up for lessons with SetterU coaches.  If you are already a member, log in to the member’s only area and click on 1/1 lessons and select which coach you want to work with and you will see availability.  


When I become a member, what tier am I in? 

This is up to SetterU coaches and will be noted on your member profile.  Most new members start in Tier 3.  As you are in the program, you should strive to move up tiers.  


Where are the sessions located? 

All small groups and lessons are held at our new training facility, The U in Cedar Park, TX. 


Located in Cedar Park, our brand new facility opened in 2024

and is Texas' first and only setting specific setting gym! 


SetterU Logo

720 S Bell Blvd. Bldg. 7 Unit A

Cedar Park, TX 78613

SetterU gym
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