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At Home Setting Part 2

Wall Setting Series

One big step off wall, hands stay neutral, let ball push wrists back into ball shape, finish palms to target, have a freeze point

Catch and Release Set High/Low (9ft/3ft) Alt. Side Sets Jump off toes – quick jumping Clock – Side to side 1 handed with squats – alternating hands 1 handed jump setting – right then left 1 handed jump setting – alternating hands

10’ away – Self toss (try to hit same spot on wall every time) Catch and Release Set Set and bounce – stationary Set and bounce – side to side -Shuffle -Running -Outside leg -Inside leg Set and bounce – stationary side setting (alternating shoulders) Close wall setting -side shuffle -2 hands -1 hand Close wall jump setting; quick off your toes

Partner Wall Series

Short/deep front set/back set



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