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Out of System Setting Techniques

Ideally, we would like our setters to get square and stopped when setting, although the speed of the game does not always allow that. When trained correctly and used only when needed, out of system and these advanced setting techniques can really make a good setter, great. Setters must spend a great amount time developing the fundamental skills and refining the biomechanics of their position.

Right leg spin: Near net

Even though the setter is on one leg, she is still able to get her body around the ball and in a straight line to the left front position. This is a much more efficient way to square up and allow the setter to line up to target in a relative easy manner.

Situation: Ball is passed near net, but is clearly going to fall short. Ball is not high enough for setter to get behind it and stopped with both feet, so we would use this single leg spin move.

Technique: The right toe pivots on the floor and left leg comes around. It is a low ball, so right leg has to bend as the left leg comes around. The setter uses this not to accelerate towards ball, but to slow down and get body facing target in a deliberate manner. This allows the body to be balanced and steady when releasing the ball.

Back off left:

This left leg move allows for less body movement and setter to get square in a difficult situation.

Situation: Ball is passed off the net and behind the setter and setter is late to ball. If it is high enough, the setter can get around the ball, get square, and get balanced and stopped.

Technique: This is not a spin move. Setters must plant left, and then pull right leg and hip back into line so the body is facing the left front target. The emphasis is squaring to the target early but just on one leg. Side setting: Back to net

There are times where squaring up with one or two legs is impossible. Usually this occurs near the net when ball movement forces the setter to stop and set from whatever body position available. Situation: When a setter comes down from a block, turns and ball is coming quick and flat. Being stopped and stable is far more important than trying to get around the ball and square.

Technique: Stabilize the body and side set to target. Be sure to finish hands to target. The harder the set, the harder the finish. Side setting: Chest to net

A difficult situation for the setter is when the ball is passed tight to the net and the setter is coming from the backrow. In this situation, it is impossible for the setter to get stopped at the net and get body around. Therefore, they sprint to the net, stop and side set. Situation: Ball is passed tight to the net and setting is coming from the backrow. Setter does not have time to get square without being in the net.

Technique: Setter releases, stops and side sets with chest facing the net. Hop to stop at the net so your momentum does not fall into the net. If jump setting, gather body and jump straight up.

Quick Single leg jump spin: Left front and Middle 1st tempo sets

A jump set pushes the offensive tempo and forces the opposing block and defenders to react quicker to all attack situations. This jump setting technique allows our setter to speed up the offense while using athleticism to put them in the best position to make all types of sets; especially the quicker 1st tempo sets. Situation: The ball is off the net and setter wants to set quick offense. Setter takes ball at higher point and pushes the tempo of the offense. Technique: Plant right foot and power up. Use left leg to help body elevate and get square. Hands must be up early to take ball high and there must be a precise finish. Running jump spin: An extremely out of system ball happens more often than we like to think in game type situations. A lot of times this occurs in transition off of a tough attack. The setter is definitely not going to get stopped and most likely not going to get square. At this point, they are getting hands on ball and delivering a hittable ball.

Situation: Ball is way out of system and setters only option is to sprint and set a hittable ball.

Technique: Sprint to ball, get hands up early and use a pivot on the right leg or a skip set off the left leg. Deliver a hittable ball halfway between the hitter and the net. Do not try to pinpoint this set.


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