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How to best learn from your coach

A coach cannot truly begin to coach you unless you are giving your best effort. Only then will a coach be able to provide meaningful feedback and design drills that will enable you to maximize your learning.

To play your best you must be well rested, hydrated, and properly nourished – “Bring your best self to the gym” if you want to get the maximum out of the training session.

Have a clear idea of the task

Listen! – Watch! – Ask if you are confused or not clear on what or how something is to be done.

Must have a motivational / attentional disposition to learn

You must want to learn! You must practice with the intent of improving! Be engaged in what you are doing – concentrate!

Concentration: when what you are doing and thinking are the same!

Must be able to process feedback and implement. Must have body awareness.

Be receptive to coaching and new ideas or ways of doing things:

You should have a “growth” mindset – not a “fixed” mindset: view errors as learning opportunities.


Work to keep the pace of the training session high; do your job shagging so a drill doesn’t have to stop because there are no balls in the cart, hustle from station to station or when rotating in or out of a drill etc. so that you can achieve as many repetitions as possible. Engage in mental practice and visualization when possible. Watch others perform skills.


Process your result – did the serve go into the net or where you wanted it to go? Make adjustments until you get it right.

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